Annaunce for University student in Japan

University Students in Japan can apply to conpetition section. See following PDF document(6thNAPROCK_UnivStudents.pdf). You can also use Word Version(6thNAPROCK_UnivStudents.doc)

Sample software released !! (17,June)

The sample software of the server and the client for the competition section in the 6th NAPROCK International Procon has been disclosed at Kosen Procon Website. Please download it from the following link, unzip the file and follow the instructions written in Readme.en.txt.

About Themed Section & Original Section (26,June)

Document is released. See following PDF document(6thNAPROCK_ThemeOriginal_Eng.pdf).

WORDアイコン 6thNAPROCK_ThemeOriginal_Eng.pdf
PDFアイコン 6thNAPROCK_UnivStudents.doc
PDFアイコン 6thNAPROCK_UnivStudents.pdf
PDFアイコン Timeline.pdf
PDFアイコン 1_InitialRegFormNAPROCK.pdf
PDFアイコン NAPROCK_Support.pdf
PDFアイコン 6thNAPROCK_Overview.pdf