NAPROCK International PROCON


NAPROCK international programming contest(NAPROCK Procon) is held in commemoration of Kosen Procon. Students learning at Technical Colleges or Universities can make use of everyday learning and compete with ideas in information processing technology. There are three branches Themed section, Original section, and Competition. The challenge is to make full use of recent information processing technology that continues developing. Incomplete applications will be accepted, but possible usefulness and real world applications will be considered in the contest. This Kosen Procom contest aims to promote flexibility of thinking through programming, at a very high level. To date high evaluations have been obtained for each field represented. This contest also attracts a national audience through NHK’s educational broadcasting. It is promoted as a creative educational project. As there is participation by overseas teams, this contest also fosters international exchanges in the field of information processing technology. We are waiting for enthusiastic applications from many technical college and university students.

Past Contests