NAPROCK International Programming Contest

  1. NAPROCK2016 (287d)
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      Annaunce for University student in Japan anchor.png


  2. CONTENTS (301d)
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      • NAPROCK PROCON2016
  3. NAPROCK PROCON (301d)
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      • NAPROCK PROCON2016
  4. NAPROCK2015 (721d)
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      • Application Period: May 22(Fri) - June 12(Fri), 2015
      • Contest Dates: October 11(Sun)-12(Mon),2015
      • Venue: Hokuto Cultural Hall(1-1-3,Wakasato, Nagano-shi,380-0928, Japan)
  5. NAPROCK2014 (1002d)
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      About Themed Section & Original Section (26,June)

      Document is released. See following PDF document(6thNAPROCK_ThemeOriginal_Eng.pdf).
  6. NAPROCK2014​/CompetionQA (1023d)
  7. NAPROCK2014​/Examination Method (1070d)
  8. NAPROCK2014​/Contact (1070d)
  9. NAPROCK2014​/Award (1070d)
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      In the Themed Section and the Original Section, the following prizes will be awarded. anchor.png

      Grand Prize*1 teamA Certificate of Merit and an extra prize
      Second Prize1 teamA Certificate of Merit and an extra prize
      Special Prizea few teamA Certificate of Merit and an extra prize
      Page Top

      The following prizes are awarded in the competition. anchor.png

      Grand Prize*1 teamA Certificate of Merit and an extra prize
      Second Prize1 teamA Certificate of Merit and an extra prize
      Special Prizea few teamA Certificate of Merit and an extra prize
  10. NAPROCK2014​/Introduction (1070d)
  11. NAPROCK2014​/Competition Section (1070d)
  12. NAPROCK2014​/Outline (1070d)
  13. NAPROCK2013​/Dates and Location for NAPROCK invited team (1241d)
  14. NAPROCK2013​/Notes (1241d)
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      This competition is part of the 24th Kosen Procon. Kosen Procom executive committee in co-operation with Supervising Schools.

  15. NAPROCK2013 (1241d)
  16. NAPROCK2013​/Sponsors (1241d)
  17. NAPROCK2013​/Outline (1241d)
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        • Japan: core course students of technical colleges and non-degree graduate program students (The person who participates in the final programming contest)
          • Themed and Original Sections: Grand Prize, Second Prize, International Special Prize
          • Competition Section: Champion, First Runner-up Prize, Special Prize
  18. NAPROCK2012​/Dates and Location for KOSEN invited team (1241d)
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      Important Dates for KOSEN invited team anchor.png

  19. NAPROCK2013​/Introduction (1241d)
  20. NAPROCK2012​/Introduction (1241d)
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      NAPROCK international programming contest(NAPROCK Procon) will be held in commemoration of 23rd Kosen Procon. Students learning at Technical Colleges or Universities can make use of everyday learning and compete with ideas in information processing technology. There are three branches Themed section, Original section, and Competition. The challenge is to make full use of recent information processing technology that continues developing. Incomplete applications will be accepted, but possible usefulness and real world applications will be considered in the contest. This Kosen Procom contest aims to promote flexibility of thinking through programming, at a very high level. To date high evaluations have been obtained for each field represented. This contest also attracts a national audience through NHK's educational broadcasting. It is promoted as a creative educational project. As there is participation by overseas teams, this contest also fosters international exchanges in the field of information processing technology. We are waiting for enthusiastic applications from many technical college and university students.

  21. NAPROCK2013​/Qualification Requirements (1241d)
  22. NAPROCK2012​/Examination Method (1241d)
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      The presentation and demonstration will be examined synergistically. The frame of reference of the examination is originality, technical capabilities of systems development, usefulness, ease of use, manual/documentation preparation, speech and presentation skills, etc. The operations manual and program source list will also be graded. Participating teams must submit an operations manual and a program source list at 12 Oct. 2012 .

  23. NAPROCK2013​/Examination Method (1241d)
  24. NAPROCK2013​/About an entry (1241d)
  25. NAPROCK2013​/Contact (1241d)
  26. NAPROCK2013​/Award (1241d)
  27. NAPROCK2013​/Competition Section (1241d)
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      Competition Section anchor.png

  28. NAPROCK2011 (1241d)
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      • Information for Participants -- ParticipantsInformation2011.pdf
  29. NEW (1241d)
    • 2012-12-24 (月) 23:34:21 by webmaster 差分


  30. NAPROCK2012 (1241d)
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      • Result --naprock2012_results.pdf
  31. NAPROCK2009 (1241d)
    • 2012-12-24 (月) 17:34:54 by webmaster 差分
      • PDF Version --naprock2009.pdf
      • Results -- NAPROCK_procon2009.pdf
  32. NAPROCK2010​/Contact (1241d)
  33. NAPROCK2010 (1241d)
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      • ThemedSection
      • Introduction
      • Sponsors
      • Dates and Location
      • Qualification Requirements
      • About an entry
      • Examination Method
      • Award
      • Notes
      • Contact編集
  34. NAPROCK2009​/Contact (1241d)
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      Contact anchor.png Edit

  35. NAPROCK2009​/Notes (1241d)
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      1. The completeness of the system

        Please complete with entry application system idea.

      2. System transportation

        Competitions bear the transportation expense of the system, for the demonstration of the free section in the final contest and in the participant competition. You will be notified after the preliminary stage about the transportation procedure. In addition, each team must prepare own computers.

      3. the exhibit space

        The exhibit space for the final contest is confined to 180cm in width, 150cm in depth, and 210cm in height per 1 system. Please keep within a rule. In addition, we are going to offer Internet connection to each booth.

      4. Intellectual property

        An applicant has the copyright for the entry, but must permit a recorded video, the process control computer official site, and the pamphlet of the following documents.

        1. Documents (a work introduction, application contents manual) which you submit at the time of application
        2. Documents (a pamphlet manuscript, an operation manual) which you submit in the final contest
        3. Data for photograph / video of the final contest and presentation
      5. The Results of the final contest will be delivered LIVE via the Internet.
  36. NAPROCK2009​/Award (1241d)
  37. NAPROCK2009​/Examination Method (1241d)
  38. NAPROCK2009​/About an entry (1241d)
  39. NAPROCK2009​/Qualification Requirements (1241d)
  40. NAPROCK2009​/Dates and Location (1241d)
    • 2012-12-24 (月) 17:03:36 by webmaster 差分
      1st July.2009 (Wed) 〜31st July.2009 (Fri)
      20th Aug.2009 (Thu)
      16th Oct.2009 (Fri)
      17th Octorber.2009 (Sat) 〜18th Octorber.2009 (Sun)
  41. NAPROCK2009​/Sponsors (1241d)
  42. NAPROCK2009​/Introduction (1241d)
  43. Contact (1241d)
  44. NAPROCK2010​/Notes (1241d)
  45. NAPROCK2010​/Award (1241d)
  46. NAPROCK2010​/Examination Method (1241d)
  47. NAPROCK2010​/About an entry (1241d)
  48. NAPROCK2010​/Qualification Requirements (1241d)
  49. NAPROCK2010​/Dates and Location (1241d)
  50. NAPROCK2010​/Sponsors (1241d)
    • 2012-12-24 (月) 16:02:11 by webmaster 差分
        • NAPROCK (Nourishment Association for Programming Contest KOSEN) non profit organization(NPO)
        • Technical College Association
        • NAPROCK non-profit organization (NPO)
        • Official site:
        • Kosen-PROCON official site:
          • Prof. Yasuko Kaminuma (Information Processing Society of Japan Fellow)
          • Prof. Hajime Ohiwa (Teikyo Heisei University)
          • Prof. Yoshitoshi Kunieda (Ritsumeikan University)
          • Prof. Teruo Matsuzawa (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
          • Shigemi Mikami (NHK)
          • Chikara Miyaji (JISS)
          • Prof. Toshinori Yoshioka (Nagaoka University of Technology)
  51. NAPROCK2010​/Introduction (1241d)
  52. NAPROCK2010​/ThemedSection (1241d)
  53. NAPROCK2012​/Outline​/Subpage (1241d)
  54. NAPROCK2012​/Contact (1241d)
  55. NAPROCK2012​/Notes (1241d)
  56. NAPROCK2012​/Award (1241d)
  57. NAPROCK2012​/About an entry (1241d)
  58. NAPROCK2012​/Qualification Requirements (1241d)
  59. NAPROCK2012​/Dates and Location for NAPROCK invited team (1241d)
  60. NAPROCK2012​/Sponsors (1241d)

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