1. The completeness of the system

    Please complete with entry application system idea.
  2. System transportation

    Competitions bear the transportation expense of the system, for the demonstration of the free section in the final contest and in the participant competition. You will be notified after the preliminary stage about the transportation procedure. In addition, each team must prepare own computers.
  3. the exhibit space

    The exhibit space for the final contest is confined to 180cm in width, 150cm in depth, and 210cm in height per 1 system. Please keep within a rule. In addition, we are going to offer Internet connection to each booth.
  4. Intellectual property
    An applicant has the copyright for the entry, but must permit a recorded video, the process control computer official site, and the pamphlet of the following documents.

  5. Documents (a work introduction, application contents manual) which you submit at the time of application
  6. Documents (a pamphlet manuscript, an operation manual) which you submit in the final contest
  7. Data for photograph / video of the final contest and presentation
  8. The Results of the final contest will be delivered LIVE via the Internet.

This competition is part of the 20th Kosen Procon. Kosen Procom executive committee in co-operation with Supervising Schools.