NAPROCK2010​/Qualification Requirements

All students of Japanese technical colleges who submit an application during the on-line registration period, (including advanced course students)

Collection section

(Please check the details on the programming contest official homepage)

@Number of teams per technical college

  • Themed section: Maximum 2 teams (members per team 2-5 persons) 
  • Original section: Maximum 2 teams (members per team 2-5 persons) 
  • Competition: Maximum 1 team (members per team 2-3 persons) 
Please subscribe one project per team.

Duplicate registration of a student is forbidden.
That is, the same student cannot belong to two or more teams.

The combined team by the student of plural schools isn’t recognized.

A student cannot change his/her registration from one section to another e.g. from Themed section to Original section.

Change of a registrant after preliminary passage is accepted about a Competition. However, change of an instruction teacher cannot be accepted.