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About the Theme

Have you ever got weary of a long trip ? You can change such a boring trip into more pleasant one with a software in our competition! This year’s themed section focuses on a software which makes our travel more attractive and/or convenient.

The 21st Programming Contest is held in Kochi, one of the four prefectures in Shikoku Island. Shikoku is famous for a kind of pilgrimage. Each pilgrim called “o-henro-san” visits 88 temples throughout the island by foot. There has been a tradition of hospitality to accept those pilgrims with warm hearts in Shikoku. You can face such a hospitality through your experience like visiting historical places, hearing local dialects, seeing some beautiful sights or tasting local cuisines. All of these experiences refresh and enlighten all pilgrims and also all of you!

Every submission to the competition of this section could be a software which makes our trip and some tourist sites more attractive, introduces a joy of travel, or gives us some experiences of great travels. The expected software, for example, includes a brand-new tourist information system based on computer or Internet, a virtual travel system or a system to create any unknown travel experiences etc.

Let’s make our long and boring trip more attractive with your imagination and a bit of programming tips!


  1. Use of original peripheral equipments is unlimited, but it will be evaluated according to how effectively it helps the programming or software. They must fit in the display space, and the installation must be also completed within “40 minutes” in the final round.
  2. The originality of the works is basically the most important feature at the judgment, but usefulness, completeness of the works and programming skills would also be evaluated by the referees.