NAPROCK2013​/Competition Section

Competition Section

CommuniKeytion: Let’s Lock ‘n’ Roll the Dice!

  1. Introduction

Today, we can communicate information from anywhere as long as a communication environment is set up. The diffusion of the Internet and wireless network makes this possible. In an information and communication society, efficiency in base technology such as encoding, decoding and encryption, take a very important role to communicate information fast and accurately. At this year’s NAPROCK programming contest, participants will compete on how accurately they communicate a given string by using dice as communication media. The key for successful communication relies on how to efficiently utilize functions such as encoding, decoding, encryption, detection and correction of errors. This year, all participating teams as well as audiences can view the information using dice transmitted by other teams. In other words, the transmitted information needs to be encrypted in a way that only own team members can decipher. Otherwise the contents of the encoded string can be utilized as reference data or the communication protocol might be analyzed by other teams. During the competition, the receiver’s side of the team cannot tell whether the answer is correct or not, while the sender’s side can. Thus if necessary, the sender is allowed to send a revised answer (the receiver cannot contact the sender) for corrections. Above all, participants need to convert their assignments into a string (encrypted string) which is locked with an encryption code that is only recognizable among their own team members. The competitors then need to create an algorithm to communicate their answers fast and accurately by using their dice. Let’s LOCK and ROLL the dice!