NAPROCK2014​/Competition Section

Ontline of Competition

In the competition section, the participants compete over puzzles as a team. The Assignment is a picture which is made of equal-sized pieces. But the pieces are rearranged in random positions. The participants are required to put the pieces back to the original positions. The assignment picture is the only reference that the participants will use to estimate the original position of piece.

At the 15th annual Programming Contest(in Niihama-City), the competition was also made of puzzles. This time however, the participants are only allowed to swap pieces that are next to each other. The time that takes to submit an answer counts as well. In other words, the team who submits an answer which reproduces the original picture with the least amount of swapping in the shortest amount of time, will gain the highest score. A team needs to decide where to put their priorities; whether it will focus on minimizing the time to submit an answer which requires more swapping, or minimizing the number of swapping required, but takes longer to submit an answer.

In addition, this time we will create a group tournament style. Teams compete over multiple assignments per match, and those who steal the top ranks on the assignment, win the match and move forward.

…. for more detail, see following PDF Document.