The 10th NAPROCK


NAPROCK has co-sponsored the College of Technology Programming Contest (Kosen Procon) since 2008. Because of the flexibility of ideas and advanced skill level of the participants, the Kosen Procon has been gaining lots of media attention as well as acclaims by the leaders in the industry. In this welcoming background, we have started NAPROCK international programming contest since 2009. Since the start, the NAPROCK international programming contest has grown into an active venue of international communication for those who share the same passion for information technology throughout the world. We hope this great annual event will attract many applicants again this year. This year, the NAPROCK 10th international programming contest is held with the 29th Kosen Procon. In this contest, the participants are challenged to utilize their insights and practical skills in information processing technology. The accumulation of their hard work in their study will come to fruition on the stage during the competition. Just like last year, we will call for participants in the following three categories: a Themed Section, an Original Section and a Competition Section. This is a great opportunity to check their ability in the international setting and we look forward to being inspired by a fresh approach with purely original ideas which only students can come up with. Also, we hope to witness many entries full of ingenuities, which take advantage of the cutting-edge information technologies introduced in recent years. This contest aims to promote flexibility of thinking through programming, at a very high level. At the contest, students from kosens or universities compete each other by utilizing knowledge and ideas in information processing technology they have learned everyday of their lives. It is required for them to make full use of the latest and evolving information processing technology.

Inportant Date and Venue

    • Application Period: May 18(Fri)-May 25(Fri), 2018
    • Contest Dates: October 27(Sun)-28(Mon), 2018
    • Venue: ASTY Tokushima (1 Higashi Hama Boji, Yamashiro-cho, Tokushima 770-8055, Japan)