The 11th NAPROCK(English)


The 11th NAPROCK International Programming Contest

Hosted by NAPROCK, the international contests have been held jointly with KOSEN ProCon since 2009. Participants from Asian countries and from Japan have competed against each other. As per the request from many countries, we will be hosting the 11th Contest in Hanoi, Vietnam, the first contest to be held outside of Japan

Contest Outline

  • Host
    Nourishment Association for Programming Contest KOSEN (NAPROCK)
  • Co-host
    Federation of National Colleges of Technology,
    Computer Software Association of Japan ,
    Vietnam National University, Hanoi – University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET)
  • Sponsors
    Federation of National Colleges of Technology, Ministries of Japan (MIC, MEXT, MoFA), Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, Vietnam Association for Information Processing, Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training , Vietnam Software and IT Services (VINASA)(includes provisional)
  • Date
    March 19 to 20, 2020 (Thu. – Fri.)
  • Venue
    Vietnam National University, Hanoi – University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET) & Hanoi University of Education (HNUE)
  • Divisions
    • Competition division:
      Teams compete under set rules
    • Themed division:
      Projects under the theme of “Regional revitalization utilizing ICT
  • Target
    College/University teams that won preliminary contests in each country (from Japan, top winning schools from each division of the 30th ProCon held in October 2019)

Competition division: ”Dance, Dance, Dance Around”

 This is a territory game in which the teams compete to occupy as much territory as possible on a field divided up into grids. The students will become players and decide on the movements of agents on the game field. The points for each team are calculated from the squares occupied after a set number of turns are played and the team with greater total points wins the match. All teams compete in a single elimination tournament.

Themed division: “Regional revitalization utilizing ICT”

 Recently, social problems are expected to be solved by implementing innovations of the 4th industrial revolution (IoT, big data, AI, robot, sharing economy, etc.) into industries and social life. This can also be said about the regional issues. By solving these problems through ICT, we can enhance a more modernized society, safe living and communication among different regions. In the themed division, we seek entries of software developed from this kind of point of view.